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We specialize in the rental of temporary, deployable, portable CCTV camera trailers, mobile surveillance trailer rental and camera surveillance systems nationwide.  We offer mobile surveillance trailers for rent, boxed power pole camera systems, time-lapse systems, and stand-alone camera solutions.   

Our company’s goal is to “stop the intrusions before the perpetrator’s encroach”.  With the use of Thermal Imaging (CCTV) software, we are able to draw a digital line barrier on the perimeter of specially targeted properties.  We call this our “ Human Perimeter and Tripwire Package”.  

Our Temporary mobile security camera trailer and our portable camera box system are designed for fast and easy installation.  Both the Box System and Mobile CCTV trailer are deployable at a moment’s notice.  

With Virtual Surveillance 123 security services, you receive a name that is #1 in customer service.  We are available 365 days x 24 hrs a day. We are never closed. We offer (CCTV) Closed Circuit Television Monitoring Services for every product we rent, lease or offer for rent.  In addition to the typical monitoring services provided by traditional monitoring services, we can be given a list of virtual reality duties and care them out for our clients.

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Distribution & Logistics

Shopping Centers

Office & Commercial

Metal & Mining Services

Commercial Real Estate Properties

Automotive Dealerships

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Recycling Centers

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Here are a few industries that can benefit from remote closed-circuit television monitoring, mobile camera trailer rentals and pole attached boxed CCTV systems: 

When it comes to our video monitoring services it is imperative that the cameras are installed correctly.  Equally important is the security camera system design. We just don’t turn on the cameras and run. We are responsible for monitoring the specified targets on-site so its equally important that our camera monitoring center double-checks the customer’s views specified. 

Advanced features

video verified


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Picking the best biometric security solution has grown a major choice for enterprises, across enterprises.

We can guide you on the most suitable development plan to make this solution a reality for your business.

 If you are seeking a security camera to captivate and read license plate numbers, we can provide a solution for that.

Our team can match all levels of safety utilization with the most efficient for protecting resources is to begin by guarding the area.

Our experts have cybersecurity distinct practice and understand how to support your company’s needs with docility conditions, risk, and developing threats.

Accident claims from clients or workers can be very costly for your company and we can help you build the right equipment for you.