Monitoring Services

Remote CCTV Monitoring / Virtual CCTV Surveillance Monitoring
Alarm monitoring Services / Mobile Surveillance Trailer for lease

Basic Monitoring Services

Virtual Surveillance 123 Basic Monitoring Services work as follows:

Remote Access Control Services
Mobile Surveillance Trailer Rental
Solar Power Plant Video Monitoring
Temporary CCTV Trailer for Rent
Portable CCTV Trailer for Remote Monitoring

Upgraded Monitoring Services

The services below are the easiest services for customers to justify the cost.  Our customers estimate that around the clock guard service runs approximately $180,000 per year.  The services below can make your operation run more efficiently and potentially save thousands of dollars.  Generally, onsite security guards do not have the skills to archive footage, license plates and monitor the entire site and its employees in one glance. 

Our interactive services can not only monitor the security of your location but everything from employee attire, punctuality and site staging.  

Our Virtual Surveillance 123 Upgraded Monitoring Services work as follows: