Jobsite Surveillance Trailer for Rent

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Mobile CCTV trailer for rental
Mobile CCTV trailer rental

We have jobsite surveillance trailer for rent, temporary solar-powered generator for rent, mobile face recognition trailer rental, virtual CCTV surveillance monitoring, and remote CCTV monitoring. Are you a company proprietary? A business partner who needs to make certain that your company secure? Virtual Surveillance 123 can give perimeter security assistance all over California and in the United States. Aside from the major features recommended by most safety firms, our company can make it possible for you to add other features that are needed for your target enforcement to meet the desired result.

Security assistance can be used both inside and outside of the premises. You may be asking about a kind of setup where we can employ the assistance. See the following industries where we can employ trailer support.

Industries served by the Jobsite Surveillance Trailer for Rent:

  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office & Commercial
  • Metal & Mining Services
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Cannabis
  • Recycling Centers
  • Construction Sites
  • Material laydown yards
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Commercial Real Estate Properties
  • Solar Farms
  • High Theft Zones
  • Power Plants

Talking about the accessories and what Virtual Surveillance 123 can give for various projects; we are not only setting-up security trailers and make the service runs, but we are also in charge of the support and control of the complete system, to make certain that everything is operating at its best. We have our proficient virtual partners who are dedicated to monitoring and checking camera feeds 24/7 to see if there is a risk of break-ins. If that state appears they are going to meet the statutes set by the business and client including providing alarm warnings and communicating to the authorities.

See below the key features of our safety support.

Advanced Features:

  • Calling
  • Sharing
  • Recording
  • Collaboration
  • Priority Response
  • Video Verified

For more things about our jobsite safety trailers or camera, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

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