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There are many purposes why company owners are inquiring for a portable surveillance trailer for rental Buena Park, one main reason is to make sure that their assets are secured. Virtual Surveillance 123 practices in providing temporary surveillance trailer for rent, portable CCTV trailer for lease, facial recognition security service, time-lapse marketing video service for sale, and solar-powered generator as well as light towers. The firm can deliver surveillance assistance not only in personal assets but also can provide to many enterprises such as construction sites, office and commercial, metal and mining services, shopping centers, distribution and logistics, automotive dealership, real estate properties, and more.

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Mobile CCTV trailer for rental

Portable surveillance trailers are accessible in all states of the United States and some areas in Canada. If your company is located in California, we are operating in cities Hesperia, Redding, Santa Monica, Westminster, Santa Barbara, Chico, Whittier, Newport Beach, San Leandro, Hawthorne, San Marcos, Citrus Heights, Alhambra, Tracy, and Livermore.

Our virtual security guard services and our portable camera box system are intended for fast and smooth installation. Both the Box System and portable CCTV trailer are deployable in the prompt notice. We are also handling the monitoring of the whole system after having it installed to make sure that it is working without any problems and to see if there is any possibility of an unwanted break-in with in the area.


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