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We are providing a Temporary temporary surveillance trailer for rental Montgomery, portable surveillance trailer for sale, mobile surveillance trailer rents, virtual security guard services, temporary remote monitoring services, mobile face recognition trailer rent, and time-lapse marketing video service in the United States. Major cities where you can order or rent security trailer units in Alabama are Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Mobile, and Hoover. Our trailer in Washington can be equipped with customized cameras that have features such as:

Mobile Surveillance Trailer for Rental

If you need a temporary surveillance trailer for rental Montgomery for early fire apprehension, long-range targets, or line barrier defense, we can recommend thermal cameras with analytics or a smart camera. These cameras can detect heat and fire and have the potential to be registered with a boundary line protection feature. The following are our distance limits for your reference: Detect a human up to 182 yards away (1.5 pixels on target), detect a vehicle 559 yards away (1.5 pixels on target), horizontal viewing angle 35.4 degrees with a focal length of 4 mm, detect a human up to 45 yards away (6 pixels on target) detect a Vehicle 139 yards away (6 pixels on target).

We are here to give you an assistance when you have further questions or feedback relating to our services and product lines. You can phone us at 877 310 1017 or contact us through our page.

Portable CCTV Trailer for rent
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Portable CCTV Trailer for rental
Temporary Surveillance Trailer for rental

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