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Are you dealing with security problems in your home or establishment? Then you should contact Virtual Surveillance 123. Known for being one of the best provider of Mobile Video Monitoring Trailer rents San Bernardino, we uphold our goal of ‘stopping the intrusions before the perpetrator’s encroach’. One should know the importance of preventing the intrusion as it could be a small price to pay compared to dealing with the problems that could arise.

With that being said, we are offering a high-quality Mobile Surveillance Trailer for lease in California. This alongside our other services can secure a barrier around the perimeter of your home or business ensuring that no thief can get away with their mischievous plans. We customize a security system that is designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. Other offerings we have are:

Mobile Surveillance Trailer lease

As we’ve mentioned, we have a wide range of customers from different industries. Our Mobile Video Monitoring Trailer rents San Bernardino is capable of addressing the needs of of various industries.


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